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Located in beautiful Laredo, Texas; Por Vida Tattoos is a classic tattoo shop opened in 2014. We specialize in all types of Tattoos, from large scale to small first time tattoos, in all styles. We do classic tattoos for classy people.

Owner and tattooer Gabriel Rodriguez has been tattooing since 1999 here in Laredo, Texas. With many years of experience, he has mentored and made sure that every artist at Por Vida Tattoos will give you the cleanest and best tattoo. Artists Angie, Ana, & Bee would love to help you out with whatever design you can think up. Steph has all the knowledge for piercings to keep you safe and looking fresh. Por Vida has the largest collection of hand painted tattoo flash in the South Texas area as well, spanning years or work, it fills the walls from bathroom to front counter. The shop specializes in varying styles, from black and grey, realistic, Japanese, and bright and bold traditional.  We are currently open for walk ins, and are super ready to tattoo you! Send us a message over Insta or FB, email us, or just walk in.

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